5 Most Underrated Indian Movies That You Must To Watch


Hello Readers, Indian cinema has plenty of good movies to offer us but sadly few of us are really concerned about watching good movies. We rate movies according to the star cast, promotions and songs, the drama and action. Recently “Hindi Medium” a movie with intense message and great actor like Irfan Khan could not do wonders in terms of revenue but the people who watched it from a perspective of sincere audience loved it. Similarly, last year, some great movies, with low budget and not a shiny star cast hit the theatres but once again failed to attract the audience. So, today I have picked 5 of my personal favourites movies that I urge you to watch again and surely you will fall for it and regret not watching them on the silver screen.


The movie that entirely focus on the women who have been searching for their identity, their respect and the love they deserve. The movie faced criticism due to the intimate scenes of Radhika Apte and Adil Hussain, but the scenes were quite apt to show the consequences of loneliness and betrayal women face. The child-marriage and men boasting about their duty to establish physical relationships, a women who wants to change the society and much more. This movie depicts the society’s issues very minutely and thus it is a worth watching movie in true sense.


Two little siblings and their dream to meet the Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is the journey that movie Dhanak depicts. Nagesh Kukunoor’s movie has very decently picked the story of the kids who undertake a journey to meet their star when they hear the news of Mr. Shah Rukh Khan coming to a nearby town. The movie also shows the kind of people both the kids rub their shoulders with during their journey.


The two differently woven stories sewed together in the end make Masaan a Cannes Winning movie. A young boy whose family burns the pyre falls in love with the girl who belongs to the upper section of society and the other story is of a girl who is in guilt of her boyfriend’s death and she is threatened by police officers. Her father pays money to the officer to save the honour of her daughter. Two young hearts, who have lost their love try to uplift their lives and meet in the end. The way movie shows the honour killing, harassment by government officials and struggle to maintain the honour in society is compelling.

Nil Battey Sannata

The movies shows the struggle of a single mother who works as a maid and wants to educate her daughter is quite remarkable. The story highlights the hardships, ups and downs in the life of a single mother, the relationship of a mother-daughter and sentiments is the story of this movie and a tribute to all the single mothers who do not give up on their kids and try hard to fulfil their dreams.

Margarita, with a Straw 

This film starring is the story of a bi-sexual woman who is suffering cerebral palsy. Laila, played by Kalki, discovers her own self through the course of this movie. This film is a must watch for those who look for some unique out of the box and good content.