Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) eliminates instant fat

Bariatric surgery

Some time ago, the world’s oldest female imam was treated in Saifee Hospital in Mumbai. Bariatric surgery was supported for their treatment. Generally bariatric surgery is done by those people whose weight becomes a threat to their life. Let’s know how these surgeries are. Bariatric surgery is usually done when all the options for weight loss such as dieting and exercise fail. Diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol related problems also increase in obesity patients.


Treatment of patients with diabetes and hypertension is also done in bariatric surgery. Surgeon does not decide whether or not the bariatric surgery should be done or not. In the bariatric surgery either the patient’s stomach is reduced through a band or their stomach part is removed and reduced. Through this surgery, the stomach is reduced so that the patient’s stomach is full.


Eat less and its weight does not increase. After surgery, the patient only has to stay in the hospital for three to four days. Bariatric surgery is a complicated surgery, after which the patient has to take a lot of care of his lifestyle.