You Can’t Miss These Food Items In Amritsar


Amritsar, the city of Golden Temple which is an exemplary place of secularism and the centre of Sikhism. The city has immense historical monuments and stories. Each road, street and corner of Amritsar is filled with love, colours of humanity and spirituality. This city has a big heart that embraces everyone with warmth and smile. Along with all this, this city has tantalising food to just give your senses the exotic original flavours of Punjab. So let’s find out what are the best food places to eat in Amritsar

Langar At Golden Temple

No pizza-hut, Dominoz and subway can ever beat the taste of Guru ka langar which is distributed endlessly without even a break. The kitchen of Golden temple is considered to be the largest kitchen in the world and the Guru ka langar has some divinity that makes the food so tasty and satiating. Never miss this chance because this is a way to feel the blessing of Almighty.



If you’re a non-vegetarian and looking for something new, then Pal Da Dhaba has the Paya (hooves)  to fulfil your dream. How a simple tadka of garam masala, red chilli and  lentil leaves can make a food so ravishing can be found at this Dhaba near Hathi Gate

Makki di Roti & Saag

The typical Punjabi food item is something nobody can deny. Full of desi ghee and makhan, this is the best thing to enjoy in winters and for this Bharawan Da Dhaba is the best place where you will find the authentic saag and makki ki roti and to add on the stuffed kulchas and Chaney is the best combo to try.


To soothe your throat Lassi is the perfect thing you can try in Amritsar. The Ahuja lassi has been the pioneer of authentic Lassi that can never disappoint you. One glass of lassi has tonnes of malai in it that you never want to miss. Take any rickshaw and auto and they will take you to Ahuja lassi.

Chicken Tikka

Though chicken tikka is not an uncommon recipe but Beera chicken corner will blow away this misconception of yours. Pick dry or gravy chicken with keema nan and trust me you will lick your fingers. Located on the highway this restaurant will always welcome you in a typical punjabis’ delightful manner.


After all the spicy and saucy food, who doesn’t need some dessert. This time ditch brownie or icecream and pick the Jalebi from Sharma sweet shop. The crunchy and sweet jalebis are the perfect Punjabi dessert one should never miss in Amritsar


While leaving the city, do not forget to get the Pinnis of Kahna sweet to be packed for the ones who missed the trip. This sweet prepared with  lentil and jaggery is the best souvenir of this divine city and you will be taking home the sweetness of Amritsar along with you.