Doctor should write just generic drugs if not action: MCI

    generic drugs

    The country’s top medical regulatory authority has warned doctors. According to this warning, if the general guidelines do not follow the guidelines for writing then doctors will face the action.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about making laws about low-cost medicines. After this the directive of the Indian Medical Council (MCI) has come out.

    MCI had told the doctors again that the slip should be in plain letters and mainly in capital letters. With this, the use of drugs should be “rationality” and if it does not happen, “strict disciplinary action” will be done.

    MCI has asked doctors to follow its 2016 notification, in which it has amended this chapter in Section 1 of the Indian Medical Council Professional Behavior, Ethics and Ethics Regulation 2002.

    While inaugurating a multi-specialty hospital in Surat in recent times, Modi had said that doctors write slips in such a way that poor people do not understand their writing and they buy medicines at high prices from private shops.

    According to MCI Circular, “All the doctors registered under the MCI Act are instructed to comply with the above provisions of regulation.” All the Deans of Circular Medical Colleges, principals, Directors of Hospitals and All state medical council chairmen have been issued.

    The government is also revising the National List of Essential Medicines 2015 so that more medicines can be included in it. The public drug program is also being expanded under which the government provides essential medicines at reasonable rates.