This drug of high blood pressure will now treat skin cancer.

    skin cancer

    It is especially important for every medication to cure any disease, but do you know that blood pressure medicine can cure many other diseases. A recent research tells something like this.

    What does research-

    According to the research, skin cancer treatment can be easily treated with high blood pressure. This medicine of BP is cardiology.

    How does this drug work?

    Caterpillar Drug prevents sunburn from getting it from UVR, which is responsible for skin cancer

    What is the Expert-

    Ying Huang, the chief researcher at the Western University of Health Science College of Pharmacy in the US, says that this research proves that cancer can be treated in a new way.

    Why this study-
    In fact, before doing this research, another research was being conducted that whether carvedillal drugs are suspected to be cancerous or not. On the contrary, in this research team of California, a different angle of carvedillol drug was revealed.

    How did the research-

    This research was done on rats, which found that carvedelol has no merits to kill cancer, rather than cancer. Research has shown that this drug can be cured by skin cancer due to ultraviolet-U (UVB). Actually, this drug also has the ability to prevent skin tissue tissue. I.e. skin tumors may also prevent this medication for long periods of time.