European Union imposed penalty on google Rs 17,000 crore, allegations of disorder in search result

European Union imposed penalty on google

The unit of the European Union (EU) Antitrust Regulators Alphabet has imposed a fine of $ 2.7 billion (approximately 17,400 crore) on Google. This penalty has been imposed on Google due to the disturbances in the search results from the company.

The union found that Google has manipulated technically such systems in its system, which is mainly seen in search results in Google’s own shopping service search. On the other hand, efforts are on to keep the rest of the websites behind.

Head Margaret Wasteger of the European Competition Commission said that being the most popular search engine in the world, Google has misused its market dominance and has illegally benefitted from its own shopping service. Westger said in a statement that what Google did was against the EU’s antitrust rules. This refuses to give the opportunity to compete on the basis of merit and innovation to the rest of the companies. More importantly, it has refused to provide European customers with the real options of the services and the full benefits of innovation to them.

This is the first time in an antitrust case that is run in the European Union, when such a large fine has been imposed on a company. This fine has been applied after a long investigation lasted for 7 years. Complaints about Google were made by companies such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Fountain, News Corp and Fair Search.