Exercise is necessary to reduce bone fat!

reduce bone fat!

Regular exercise is effective in reducing the fat accumulation in bonmaro and it can improve bone quality in weeks. This thing has come out in a research.

The paper was published in ‘Journal of Bone and Mineral Research’. It says that the quality of bone is very poor in obese victims. They can keep their bones more healthy than exercising compared to their lean counterparts.

Maya Steiner, assistant professor of the University of North Carolina, USA, said, “One of the major findings of this research is that the exercise is not only beneficial for the whole body but also for the health of bones.”

Steiner said, “In a very short time, we saw that bones of races running rats were very healthy.”

However, research done on mice does not directly apply to human conditions, but stem cells that make bones in rats are exactly like bone cells in humans.

Steiner said, “The bone is more compact than exercise. Our research of Bone Bio mechanics suggests that the quality and strength of the bone increases with exercise. “