Facebook launches Silent Speech Interface. Type messages with your brain

silent speech technology

Social networking site Facebook will soon introduce such a technique, in which whatever you think will be automatically typed. Facebook has named it the Silent Speech Interface. This technique will give users a different experience of chatting or typing. Facebook’s engineering vice-president and head of Facebook’s Building 8 hardware research division, Regina Dugan told that the future is full of new and improved techniques that will enable us to communicate with people without typing.

Regina Dugan announced:

Dugan has announced the computer interface. He said that on this interface, a team of 60 people working on this system is working with Human Brain. The user’s Neural Activity is decoded through this system. Additionally, this system can type from 100 words per minute speed. For example: the speed that we type in the smartphone, 5 times the faster it can type the system.

Facebook said that this technique will help people who are not able to communicate properly. It is believed that this technology of Facebook has been built to think ahead and improve the future. Simultaneously, Facebook has also introduced a technique that allows Skin to hear the voice. It is presented by AR Chashma, the chief scientist of Oculus Research, Michael Abrasch.