How to find aadhar card center near Me. Follow this method

aadhar card center

The Aadhar Card has been made necessary for every small work nowadays. Now there is a necessary document for Aadhar card identification. In such a situation if there are some changes in your base or if you are looking for a nearby base center to update the base then your difficulty of finding the base center solves us. In our report, we are going to tell you a way that the nearest base center can be found at the house.

How to Address:

With the help of UIDAI website, you can find the nearest base center at home. Now whether you are private or bank or post office, you will get the address of every kind of base center from this to find aadhar address

Know how to do this kind of center address:

Such as address of the base center in the bank and post office

  • If you have to know the base centers in the post office or in the bank, then go to the site of the UIDAI given above and click on ‘Innovation and Update Centers in Banks and Post Office’ in Aadhaar Enrollment Selection.
  • After clicking on it, a new page will open in front of you. Here you will find three options to search.
  • Here you can search the base center according to state, zip code and search box.
    How to search the three options?

Sate aadhar card center

If you want to search by state, then select your state, district, sub district (sub district) and village or city. After that fill the verification code in the box provided. After this, the list of Centers will be opened in front of you.

sate aadhar card center

Zip code: In this kind of search, you only need to enter Area Pin Code and Verification Code. After this, the list of close centers will be opened.

Locate Nearby AADHAAR Card Centers

Search box: Through the search box, you can search the center by entering the name and verification code of the place.

AADHAAR Card Centres


Private Aadhar Center Search

By visiting ‘Locate Enrollment and Base Center’ on the website of UIDAI, both the private and bank campus can be found.

Here you will also find three options for search. Through this, you can get the list of the center by filing the state, zip code or name of the place just like the above mentioned method.