Future Of E-commerce In India

Future Of E-commerce In India

As per a statement issued by Internet and Mobile Association of India on Ecommerce biz in the country, a big increase in the e-commerce industry is anticipated. This expansion is chiefly prompted by the permanent growth in the web travel business in the country. Web travel business appends approximately 76 per cent to the overall Ecommerce market at the moment.

Along with travel business, as per IAMAI estimations, digital downloads and e-tailing section, which consists of purchase of electrical devices, home as well as kitchen related electric and personal goods like clothing and jewelry items will record huge development by this year.

The online downloads section is likely to nurture in Indian Ecommerce zone owing to the outburst of cellular phones and the top notch services obtainable over the web. Financial services that comprise web contracts, indemnity and web based ads for example marriage related and other jobs are also expected to go up in the coming time.

The entire Ecommerce zone remained at INR 19,689 crore during the year 2009 and during the year 2010, it hit INR 31,599 crore. The e-commerce business is likely to hit a hefty figure by end of the year 2017, as per a report rolled out by the web and cellular phone organization of the country.

Because of high growth in web marketing, the entire Ecommerce business in the country is likely to go up in future. This guarantees the victory and brilliant future of Ecommerce in the nation. The future prospect of Ecommerce in India definitely hinges upon the following factors –

• The penetration of the web in the nation with declining cost of broadband web connection
• Growing domain listings
• Escalating number of web users
• Straightforward access to the web facility
• Alertness regarding web service even in rustic regions
• Increasing number of internet cafes
• Growing demand for Ecommerce facilities in offices, homes