Global Forgiveness Day: Its Easy To Forgive & Seek Forgiveness


    Hello Readers,

    Today is a special day. Its July 7th which is considered as Global Forgiveness Day, indeed it is special because, in today’s world forgiveness is the most difficult thing to give. We are living in a world where people get irritated on trifles. We all make mistakes as it is rightly said, “To err is human”. If we don’t commit mistakes, we will become God. Here I have some small tips for you to make your life simple and easy by forgiving and by seeking forgiveness.

    Pause and Think

    After you have made a mistake, if you simple admit it then the harm caused by it is reduced, but no, presently people don’t admit mistakes, they love to drift the blame to someone else. But think for a while, is this ethical? What if you ask forgiveness you won’t be belittled. In fact, there will be a sense of satisfaction. So, get up and say sorry and make everything alright.

    What is important?

    Sometimes, we are so obsessed about some things and some people that when a person tries to spoil or break it we feel irritated. We start hating the person and his/her presence. We just want the person not be to around, and sometimes a person who is really close to you commit a small mistake but you make a hill of the moles. At that moment you need to think what is important? The person, the relationship or the mistake. Of course it is the person, try to sort the things out. Stop taunting, reminding of the past mistake and the life will be easiest like never before.

    Forgiveness is an art

    Indeed, forgiving people is an art. Sometimes, we forgive people but keep the grudge and that grudge is sometimes make the other person feel estranged or guilty. Forgiving a person is not an act of gratefulness, in fact is it an art by making the person feel the same even after the he/she has made a mistake. Let them feel you have forgiven them by heart and soul. Don’t let any crack ruin your relationship with anyone. Forgiveness is like the golden string that Chinese people use to repair the broken plates and cups. The string is carved as a artistically that enhances the beauty of the utensil. Similarly by forgiving and seeking forgiveness you can strengthen your bond in a beautiful way.