Google’s new offering For new OS “Android O” in 2017

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Google has rolled out the developer preview named O for the upcoming edition of Android. What the word ‘O’ will be lastly referred will be settled on by this year when the novel operating system and the innovative Pixel smart phones will get introduced.The forthcoming mobile software has been specifically to expand battery life and allow users carry out numerous tasks without delay, the developer preview discloses.The web giant said that it is laying “a big precedence on bettering a user’s battery experience and the appliance’s interactive presentation” with the help of Android O.

In order to fulfill this, the search giant is launching novel limits, which prevent application programs working in the background from using all of the handset’s battery. In addition, iIt has also set up novel multitasking characteristics and superior controls over presentments.

Enhanced battery life –

Better battery life

To augment the battery life, Google is blocking application programs from accomplishing some functions when they are working in the background.

Limited notifications –

Smarter notifications

With the majority of users overwhelmed with the number of notifications they obtain every day, Google is launching novel methods to manage the number you witness and how they survive.

Trouble-free multitasking –


Google has appended a lot of traits to Android O to assist users perform multitasking in a simple manner. The primary is “picture in picture” exhibit that permits video recordings to keep playing in a smaller screen whilst users look through other websites, forward a message or call up. The company has also turned it simple to utilize a second screen next to their Android appliance with the capability to introduce a program on a distant display.

Other highlights of the new OS –

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The novel software has a variety of extra upgrades that perk up wireless fidelity connection, keyboard course-plotting and wireless sound. It also comprises new color backing for app developers and the capability to enliven and transform the form of pictures.