Heat stroke will save these tips in the summer season


People have become disturbed by the passing of mercury 40 in the month of March and the heat wave. In Maharashtra, where two people have died from Lu, the heat from the five people is the same. But do not panic, do you know that heat stroke can be easily avoided. Let’s know some Tips to Avoid Heat Stroke in the Hot Water.

  1. Wear loose and lightweight garments. By wearing lots and lots of tight clothes, the body does not stay completely cool.

2. Protect yourself from Sunburn. Sunburn affects your body. So wear a hat and sunglasses before you exit. Also add SPF15 sunburn Apply sunscreen every two hours. Especially when you sweat too much or you do swimming.

3. Take plenty of liquid. The body’s temperature will remain normal by staying hydrated.

4. If you are taking medicine then be especially careful. Be cautious to avoid heat-relieved problems and talk to a doctor about the effects of your medicine.

5. Do not keep anyone in the car seat. HeatRelated Illness deaths occur in children due to this. The car’s temperature increases by 20 degrees in 10 minutes after parking the car in the parking lot. Of course the glass of the car is open or standing in the car shed. If someone is in the car, then lock the car completely.

6. If your body is very sensitive, then reduce the workout limit in the summer and workout in a cool temp. With this you will be left with heat-relieved illness.

7. If you are taking medicines or your condition is such that you can increase heat-related problems then be careful. If you are looking at overheating symmetries then do not go to hot spots and do not go to the outdoor.