High air pollution can increase the risk of breast cancer

    breast cancer

    New York: A new study has warned that women living in high pollution areas may be more prone to breast cancer.
    The researchers of the Florida University of America studied 2.80 million women doing mammographic screening. Along with this, the data of air pollution was also taken in the area where these women were living. Having a gross breast is a risky factor established for breast cancer.

    Researchers said that the mammography of breast is measured by mammography, which shows the relative amount of different tissues in the breast. Gross breast has a higher amount of fibroadlundular tissues, which are not visible in mammography, and even difficulty identification of inequalities such as breast tumor becomes difficult.

    Researchers found that the increase of one unit of PM 2.5 increases the risk of gross breast in a woman by four percent. Women with chronic breasts are more likely to get more exposure to high amounts of PM 2.5, up to 20 percent more.