How to find the right shoes for your foot. Choose according to foot type

how to find the right shoes for your foot

Most people believe that expensive shoes are comfortable for the feet. This assumption is not correct. Without foot type, this is not a guarantee of expensive shoes that will give better support to the leg. It should be such that they can better support the leg. According to foot type, feet do not damage wearing shoes. The pressure on the knee and the direct effect starts pain. Osteoporosis can occur if there is a long-standing condition. Wearing misty shoes has an impact on the joints of the hip. According to doctors, shoes should be worn by the type of foot type to reduce the risk of the injuries. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Arun Vaishh knows how to avoid the pain of joints and muscles, shoes.

How to find the right shoes for your foot

right shoes for your foot

Walking shoes: These should be lightweight. Heel cushioning should be thick. She should be flexible enough to turn easily by hand.
Running Shoes: These shoes offer cushioning and flexibility. So they can be a better option for walking.
Cross Tenors: These are multi-purpose shoes in a way. Wearing them can wear tennis as well as wear them.

How to choose a foot type

Those who are normal feet, they can wear simple and uncharted shoes. Wearing flat-foot stability shoe. The soul of this shoo should be tired and stable because the people in this foot are transferred to the shock feet from the road. Whereas stabilized shoe absorbs the shock from the road. People with high arch feet should wear shoes such as cushion props. A barefoot runner wears thin shoes.

Detected your feet by weight test

Wet the claws and walk on the floor. Select the shaw on the floor when the claw pattern is formed. It will also know whether there is any inequality in the foot or not. The front finger marks, heels and claw marks are made. The mark of the claw becomes large when it is flat feet. In a large arch, it becomes a small part on the floor.

To avoid injuries, do not wear flat shoes

Running, walking and every sport has different shoes. Shoes are like SOL platforms. These souls rise from the rear and stand forward. It helps in walking. Generally, they have MC-MR technology, which is micro-soluble. It can be easy to jump along with the walk. For the walk, the grip should be good in the shoes. Wearing spike shoes to play on non-marking and ground to walk on the Wooden Floor. Wearing the wrong type of shoes can cause pain in the leg, knee, and waist.

These may not be harmed if you do not wear the correct shoe

Pain problems in the feet begin.

The direct impact of risk of osteoarthritis coming from the knee.

The speed of running and the timing will have an impact. Muscles will be tired of not working properly.

Running and speed will not get shocked absorption. Its adverse effects are seen in the waist and in hip joints.

Treadmillers should have a cushioning propeller, otherwise, the knee has a direct effect.