Keep blood pressure normal, so do not drink this drink!

    energy drinks

    If you also drink energy drink then be careful! Do you know that only one energy drink can be a risk for your life. We are not saying this, but this has been revealed in recent research.

    What does research-

    According to the research, an energy drink can change your blood pressure and heart electrical activity. This research has been published in the American Heart Association Journal.

    Researchers say that they thought of researching energy drinks. Researchers divided the two groups for research. One of these groups was given energy drinks and one was found in the lime juice and cherry syrup in which the sugar was found.


    Those who had consumed energy drink, their blood pressure was very high. Not only this, the heart rate of these people was also very high. Heart Beat was also unusual. It has seen the serious effect of these people’s heart.

    In the results of such research, it was found that such a sudden change in heart and the risk of life may be high blood pressure. Although medicines are available for this.

    Researchers have warned that those who are undergoing high blood pressure or cardiac condition should not drink energy drink at all. Those who drink a lot of energy drinks in a day, their color may be yellow and they may also be hepatitis risk.