lack of sleep affects Your health and brain

lack of sleep

If you are in stress in your office, it can inspire you to eat more or eat junk food at night. This condition can be fatal for your health. A new research suggests that good sleep at night can save you from the stress of the workplace and the unhealthy food in the evening. Associate Professor of Psychology at Michigan State University in the US and co-writer of this study, Chang said that we have found that the employees whose work day is tense, bring their negative feelings of work to the table of food. . The result is that they eat more than usual and prefer to take junk food rather than a healthy diet.

The findings of the research have been published online in the Journal of Applied Psychology. For this, there have been two separate studies of 235 personnel in China. A study is related to information technology, which is faced with heavy work of daily high level and who feel that they do not have enough time in the workplace. The second research is related to the call centers staff, who often come in tension while talking to different types of customers. Assistant professor at the University of Illinois in America and co-authors of the research said that in both cases, the stress on the workplace is related to the negative behavior of the staff during the job and is associated with interest in unhealthy food in the evening.