Nokia 3310 is Back: Buy or Not to Buy?


Hello readers

Do you all remember the times when in the family there was only one phone which used to everyone’s favourite and we were obsessed with that one little device. The 90s tech giant Nokia 3310 is relaunched in India and everyone is excited as this phone will make you nostalgic because all of us were crazy for that snake game. So let quickly find out what the company has done with our cute little smartphone of previous era

The phone has been launched in a small and sturdy design maintain the legacy of the phone which was people’s favourite due to its power but now the screen is slightly curved for the better screen options in daylight.

The battery backup again will not disappoint you in any way. With the outstanding battery backup of a month no other smartphone can beat it in anyway

The snake game which made us crazy is childhood is another reason to buy this phone. With all these clash of clans, pokemon go, candy crush, temple run and moto racing will this snake game be able to cater to our attention? I guess just to relive the childhood again to some parents who want their kids to know about their passtime will surely buy this phone.

In the era of online mobile shopping, where all the most wanted most awaited smartphones are available only online this phone will offer you the convenience to be bought offline from your nearest mobile store. Cool isn’t?

The price 3310 INR is actually bit high as compared to other basic phones available in the market. Normal basic phone will cost you 1000-1500 INR with the same features so it is not worth the money.

The rear camera being only 2 megapixel is what people who have been living in the era of selfies won’t prefer at all. Also in the competition to all the 5.5″ or 6″ inches screen phones this 2.4″ inches phone won’t satiate their desire to flaunt their giant phones.

Buying this phone is suitable if you want to keep it just to attend the phone calls and make calls then its fine but no 3G or wifi connectivity is what where this phone lacks, Either you will buy another sim or use your old sim and one more thing no JIO connectivity which we have become addicted to.

Anyhow the company has tried a lot to reintroduce the phone in the high competition of contemporary mobile markets and it requires strong determination to stand alone with this basic phone. All the Best NOKIA 3310