Do not eat in the summer, non-veg will complete the lack of protein.


    In summer, people reduce non-veg food. If you are among those people, then there may be a lack of protein in the body. Today we are telling you how you can remove the deficiency of protein from the body.

    Do you know men need 56 grams of protein daily? Women’s body needs 46 grams of protein daily. Protein works to increase cells and repair them. So let’s know what things you can do to meet the deficiency of protein by consuming it.

    • Spinach – 30 grams of protein in one cup spinach
    • Cabbage – one cup of cabbage 70 grams
    • Broccoli- 91 grams in a cup broccoli
    • Cabbage – 100 gms in a medium size cauliflower
    • Mushroom-103 gram in a cup of mushrooms
    • Green pea- one cup- 7.9 g protein
    • Chole-half cup – 7.3 grams
    • Rajma- one cup – 13 grams
    • Dry fruits – a fist – 5-6 grams
    • Boiled green soybean – one quarter cup – 8.4 grams
    • Tofu- half cup – 20 grams
    • Quinoa – one cup – 8 grams
    • Non-sweetened cocoa powder – one tbsps – 1 g
    • Peanut is a very good source of protein. Peanut can eat in any way in the diet. Whether it germinated or roasted it.
    • Moong daal or black gram can make sprouts. Sprouts have plenty of protein.
    • Products made from soya are also good sources of protein. Soya can also eat paneer, soya budia.