Now blood group will know if you can get heart attack or not!


Compared with those with O blood group (A, B, AB), people with blood type have a 9% chance of a heart attack. The findings of recent research show that due to the high volume of VON Weilbrand Factor, the risk becomes high. Vibrebrand factor is a bleeding close-up protein, which is associated with the thrombotic process.

People with A blood group are known for more cholesterol, which is the main risk factor for heart attack.

Researchers said that besides those, people with non-blood group have high levels of galactic-3. Galactic-3 protein has a bad effect on inflammation and heart patients.

Teesa Colle, student and chief writer of the medical center Groningen University of the Netherlands said, “Research shows that people with non-O blood groups have a heart attack and heart attack risk of 9 percent more. This includes a particularly myocardial infraction. ”

This research has been presented in ‘Heart Failure 2017’ and ‘Acute Heart Failure’ of the Fourth World Congress.

For this research, the team conducted a meta analysis of O and non-O blood groups. It analyzed myocardial infarction (heart attack), coronary artery disease, heart failure, cardiovascular events and cardiovascular mortality.

Cole suggested, blood group should be included in the evaluation of the risk of heart attack, cholesterol, age, sex, and systolic blood pressure hazards.