Now the mother has lost the ability to become women will become mothers!

    Now the mother has lost the ability to become women will become mothers!

    There is a good news for women who have lost hope of giving birth to a child. Scientists used a significant experiment to transplant 3D-printed bio prosthetic overion in Chuhuya, after which she gave birth to healthy children. This finding can strengthen the expectations of women who are not able to produce children.

    According to researchers from Northwestern University in the US, the new 3D printed ovary actually performs the ovulation.

    The ovary of Chughia was removed and its place was transplanted to bio prosthetic overion. Chauhia did not only get the ovulation, but also gave birth to healthy children. The mother was also able to take care of her newborns.

    Bio prosthetic ovaries are made of 3D printed shells, which contain injeature eggs.

    The purpose of the scientists is to give motherhood to those women who had cancer treatment in adolescence or had cancer in childhood and now they have increased the risk of infertility and hormonal-based diseases.

    Teresa Wood ruff of Northwestern University’s Women’s Health Research Institute said, “This research shows that the bio prosthetic ovaries work for a long time. Instead of transplanting the body of the deceased, preparing an organ with the use of bio engineering and restoring the person’s tissues for reproductive medicine is bio engineering. ”

    The material or “ink” used in the research is gelatin, which is a biological hydrogen made from proteins found in various connective tissues in the body of animals and is safe in the use of humans.