Pakistan Army press conference after Pulwama attack. Pakistan Says?

Pak army's press conference

Pakistan Army press conference

Major General Asif Ghafoor, DG ISPR, Pakistan Army: There are two senior Pakistan army officials under military custody on the charges of espionage. Army Chief has ordered their court martial. It is in process.

04:09 PM
Pak army’s press conference- We are not preparing for war

We are not preparing for war. We are preparing to answer anybody’s action. We have this right.

04:05 PM
Pak army’s press conference- We do not wear uniforms, we also answer

Pakistan is a peace-loving country. We are positive. Now the investment is coming here. So we would not want to spoil it at all. We will not disappoint our community. Our army does not just wear uniforms. We know how to answer.

04:02 PM
Pak army’s press conference- we should not act as stupid as Jung

Today, the biggest problems of Indo-Paki are problems like poverty, hunger. We should not be fooled by doing it foolishly.

03:59 PM
Pakistan Army Press Conference – India is a big country, it does not give war

What’s the way forward now? The way forward is that let’s check. Pulwama investigates the attack. You are a democratic country and do not give such a war to such a country.

03:57 PM
Pak army’s press conference – you did a strange job by putting a false impression

You people have given many accusations. MFN’s status was taken. Tomatoes stopped. Stop the movies. Our players did not give the visa. India’s media is also rolling in the battle.

03:55 PM
Pak army press conference- we can also take action in response to your threats

Our PM said that we can answer your threats and war. But we are not creating an atmosphere of war. We have not passed yesterday’s army. All of us have fought against terrorism. We have prepared ourselves by looking at you. Nobody can stop us from defending us

03:53 PM
Pakistan Army Press Conference- For the first time PM offered India such a

At the Pulwama attack we first examined. Even then, India responded to the allegations. For the first time, PM Imran Khan asked India to do any inquiry. We are ready. This has happened for the first time.

03:52 PM
Pak army’s press conference- yes we also made mistakes.

Our Pakistan is changing. We have passed through very difficult times here. We have also seen blood samples. We are moving towards peace in the area. Yes we have made mistakes, there is scope for improvement.

03:49 PM
Pakistan Army’s press conference – India made false allegations of attack on Pulwama

Pakistan Army Press Conference – How can it be that any person crosses the line of control and in an area where millions of Indian soldiers are present. How can such a big war happen?