Rahul Gandhi’s target of PM Modi, 15-minute speech PM not stand in front of Me

Rahul Gandhi's target of PM Modi, 15-minute speech

Rahul said that PM Modi is afraid to stand in the Parliament. Rahul said in the tone of giving the PM a chandelia that if PM Modi gives a 15-minute speech in the Parliament, he will not be able to stand in front, whether it is Rafael’s case or the issue of Nirvava Modi.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the cash crunch in the country. Rahul Gandhi has said that Modi ji has ruined the country’s banking system. Not only this, Rahul has also targeted PM Modi over the PNB scam accused Nirvava Modi. He said that Neerava Modi ran away with 30 thousand crore but Modi did not say anything.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted today, “Think of the ban on the ban on money, your money is unrealized Modi’s pocket. Modiji’s ‘Mallya’ Maya, the ban on the ban on bondage again. What condition of the banks did the ATM of the country empty again? ”