Read this before drinking soda in the summer!

    drinking soda

    Do you also eat sherbet in summer? Do you eat too much sweeter drinks? If so, then this news is for you. Recently, there has been a relativity research.

    What does research-

    In a recent research it has been found that the consumption of excessive Artificial Sweetness can weaken memory. According to research, intake of very sweet beverages increases the risk of stroke and dementia. It also has a bad effect on memory.

    Hippocampus becomes small-

    According to the research published in ‘Alzheimer’s and dementia’ magazine, consuming too much sweatner drinks reduces memory. Brain volume gets reduised. Hippocampus (the part of the brain that helps in learning and remembering) becomes smaller.


    This research was published in two magazines. In the second magazine ‘Stroke’, it is said that people who drink soda like antigenic drinks daily in the day are three times more likely to drink stroke and dementia risk than those who do not drink.