Redmi 4 : Reasons To Buy or Not To Buy


Hello Readers

Redmi has acquired a great percentile of India’s smartphone market and has been galloping the business of some other competitive companies. Xiomi with his budget-oriented smartphones has become a first-choice for many Indian and the looks and style, features and specs of Redmi phones are quite good enough to beat the heat of other smartphone manufacturers. In its long list of budget-friendly smart phones, Redmi has added another one but this time with more powerful features, Yes  I am talking about Redmi 4 is going to be launched in India on 16 may.


Like I said, Redmi is users’ first choice for the smartphone because of its low prices and as expected the price of Redmi 4 will be around 8000 which is quite affordable for the salaried-employees to own a latest phone and also the phone is the cheapest among the other series of Redmi 4 like Redmi Note 4, Redmi 3S etc.

Snapdragon 625

The phone boasts of its power with Snapdragon 625 which can be one of the major reasons to buy this phone. The phone which costs only 8000-9000 with such power is unimaginable from other brands yet its not confirmed because Xiomi has planned to launch the other variants of snapdragon like 430 CPU

No Improvements on looks

The Redmi 4 a has the similar looks like Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 3s. The company has done nothing new with its appearance. The uni-metal body with fingerprint sensor on back is common among the Redmi phones so do not expect anything exception from the looks of Redmi 4

Storage & Screen

As announced, the phone will be having 2 storage variants, 2GB, 16 GB or 3GB, 32 GB (not confirmed yet) the storage capacity has not been increased. But if the budget is concerned then, this storage capacity is common which is provided by other smartphone companies. The 5″ screen and the 6.0 android marshmallow based MIUI has nothing new for the users.


Again the rear camer is 13 megapixels and front camera is 5 megapixels with selfi shooter. I think Xiomi should work on its camera as the low-light pictures need to be more crisp and clear. Moreover we cannot expect more from the camera if you want a demo then you can take a demo by borrowing a Redmi 4A or Note 4 from someone and you will get a clear idea.


With 4100 mAh battery, the phone provide you the support for all day long and battery saver technique saves alot of battery consumption. I am hoping that the Xiomi has made some modifications for the heating issue which is common among almost all Redmi Phones. Fast battery charging is a good reason to buy this phone as in the hustled-bustled life one cannot sit and wait for the phone to charge.

Being a budget oriented phone Redmi 4 can be a great option but if you are looking for a great camera quality then this phone can disappoint you. Anyway, as said, Miracles Happen Everyday, we can expect anything from Xiomi too.