How to Reduce Fat With Yoga (International Yoga Day)


    Fat is becoming a big problem in today’s lifestyle. Because of this, people are becoming victims of many serious diseases. If you are also trying to reduce Fat, then Baba Ramdev is telling you that some seat to reduce Fat.

    To reduce Fat, there is a need to have physical activity-

    There are many asanas for reducing Fat, but you can easily reduce fat by performing Surya Namaskar. You can also reduce Fat by running a little. Standing jogging can also reduce weight. Baba Ramdev says that by doing some physical activity, you can easily reduce Fat.

    Because of Fat-

    Lowering physical activity and overting is the main reason for Fat. Although Fat is genetically important in many people.

    Fat is for any reason but you can overcome Fat easily with some yoga actions.

    If these exercises are done, Fat will be less easily-


    • konasana
    • Baddha Koṇāsana
    • Uttanasana
    • Uttanasana
    • Chakki Chalanasana
    • Chakki Chalanasana
    • Bhujangasana
    • Bhujangasana Bhujangasana Bhujangasana
    • Kapalbhati
    • Kapalbhati


    Vegetables soup. Drink gourd juice. Drink coconut. Turn off the grain. Take whole grain. Eat fruits, salads, sprouts.