Tips to prevent heat stroke in 48 degrees

    tips-to-prevent-heat-stroke in summers season
    Girls, with faces covered to protect themselves from sun stroke, walk along a road on a hot summer

    Summer mercury has reached 48 across the country. Yesterday, Delhi was up till 48 degrees. Even today, hot winds are running. Due to the hot winds, the people have closed till the exit of the houses. According to the Meteorological Department, this time the heat will break the records of the past several years. But you do not panic. We are telling you some tips today that you can avoid Lu.

    Drink plenty of water –

    Do you know how important it is to drink water in the summer to avoid Lu? When you have a lot of sweating, then it comes either because of exercise, or the heat. In such a situation, drinking water becomes necessary. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), think your body is an air conditioner.

    When your body gets heated during the physical activity and the heat is more then the body gets air condition and you start sweating. Remember, your body’s air conditioner is using your coolant (your sweat). In this case, the body tank is refilled with water. So drink plenty of water.

    Keep doing exercise –

    it’s not too much to heat out, it does not mean that you quit exercising. You can of course change the pattern of your exercise. You make water sports. You change your exercising time.

    Know the body’s cooling points –

    If you are worried about heat then know the body’s cooling points. Hand wrists and neck are considered to be the cooling points of the body. By keeping ice in these parts, you can wrap the towel. In a short while the body temporter will cool down.


    Elovira is used for sunburn. The cooling properties contained in it protect you from Lu. Use it before leaving the summer.

    Bathe with cold water-

    Bathing with cold water cools down the body temperature and removes sweat. Bathe at least twice a day.

    Spicy Food-

    If you are already sweating, you sweat some more sweat? Yes, according to Professor Luc LaBord, food science professor of Penn State University, eating spicy food in the summer increases blood circulation. It comes sweat more. When the sweat becomes dry, then you will cool down. Capsicum, pepper, without much increase the body temperature comes sweat.

    Mint tea-

    Drinking mint tea in the summer gives lot of relief. Mud tea is better than Milk Tea.