Who is Pakistan’s first Hindu woman civil judge?

Who is Pakistan's first Hindu woman civil judge

After coming to the 54th position in the Judicial Services examination, he was given the rank of Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate.
Shahdadkot is a backward city on the border of Sindh and Balochistan. The cities which were affected during the floods in 2010 included Shahdadkot. Suman Boudani secures his studies till intermediate in his own city. After this, he did LL.M. from Hyderabad and Zlatish University of Karachi. He was associated with Law Firm, the famous lawyer in Karachi, Retired Justice Rashid Rizvi, and practiced with him for two years.

His father’s wishes came in the field of Suman Bodani’s law. His father, Dr. Pawan Bodani, told the BBC that a five year law degree was started in a college affiliated to Sindh University and it was his first batch.

He desired that the area was very good and it was his wish that the children could prove to be helpful in getting justice done to the poor so Suman Bondani was sent to this area.

Suman Bodani says that he belongs to the countryside, where he saw many people suffer from legal problems and could not afford the court costs.

“I thought I would go to advocacy and give justice to them.”

Suman’s father, Doctor Pawan Bodani, runs eye treatment clinics in Shahdadkot. He says that he passed the commission in 1991 but due to his low pay in government jobs, he preferred private practice and he is practicing in 1992 at Shahdadkot only.

Suman Boudani is not the only child of Doctor Boudani who has given the name of his family a name.

His eldest daughter is a software engineer, the second daughter is a Suman Judge, the third is a chartered accountant in Oman, while a son is studying at the private university, the auditor and two younger sons who wish to be a doctor.

In Sindh, girls belonging to the Hindu community prefer to be mostly doctors or go to the field of education and stay away from the areas related to the common people.

Suman Bodani says, “I know that his community will not support this decision because he does not like to work for girls in this area, though the help of father and siblings is obtained.” Things had to be heard, but my family did not care about the things, and brought me to this conclusion. “

According to Suman Baudani’s profile on social media, she is a fan of Lata Mangeshkar and Atif Aslam while her favorite films include ‘Marriage’ and ‘The Devil’s Advocate’. Besides, he is also interested in reading poetry.

In Sindh’s Shahdadkot, Jacobabad, Kashmor and Shikarpur, girls of Hindu community have reportedly been facing complaints regarding conversion of Dharma and traders of Agra. Doctor Punk Kumar says that there is a lot of improvement in the situation now though there are still some complaints.