Windows Nano Server: a complete package for your business needs

Windows Nano Server
Microsoft Announces Nano Server for Modern Apps and Cloud

About the server

Microsoft has recently launched a windows nano server and claims that the same would provide faster speed and much more stability. It has been designed to run cloud applications built specifically on the cloud. The applications that you run have no connection with the physical server and rather function on the Microsoft cloud leading to quick speed and better performance. Moreover, you have the complete authorization to windows server driver support and the malware protection.

Windows server v/s windows nano server

Where windows server serves both the local and cloud applications; the latest nano server has been designed only for cloud based applications. The nano server is supposed to be of great use to the businesses.
Features of the server

Fewer reboots

The security requirements and the need for better performance called for many repeated reboots that forced the business to incur higher costs. The nano server demands less of reboots and results in better productivity.

Smaller server images

The server doesn’t occupy much of the space on the disk. Moreover, the installation and the transfers are quick and this generates more revenue as the clogging of the network is avoided.

More rom for other things

Since not much of the disk space is occupied the same can be utilized for storing other things such as frequent backups.

Better security

The server comes with a tight protection. It is not prone to the hackers. The server cannot be used as a proxy server to gain unauthorized access to the internet. Hence, intruders cannot steal your information and harm your network.

Better performance

Larger servers use more of the RAM and hence slows down the performance but the nano sever typically consumes less of resources thereby resulting in enhanced performance.