Working at night shifts Bad for you & bad effect on liver

    Working at night shifts

    Working at night shifts that means night shift can prove to be very harmful for your health. In a research, the shocking disclosure is that in the night shift, the liver is badly affected. Liver becomes addicted to food and hunger for 24 hours by day and night.

    Due to the Night Shift, you can not feed on time, which has a direct impact on your liver. Researchers used on rats to find that the size of the liver increases at night and it prepares itself for a higher dose, but it does not get enough dose on time.

    On the reverse of the biological action, the process of decreasing the liver on the reverse affects

    In a research-based article published in the journal Cell, researchers have stated that when the normal biological verb is reversed, the process of decreasing the liver is affected.

    Researchers say that due to business constraints or personal habits, our biological clock, ie biological clock and routine worsens. Whose direct effect falls on the important functioning of the liver. During the experiment the rats were given a feed in the night, while the rest were allowed in the daytime.

    In this case, Flor Sintural, head of research at Geneva University said that we saw that during the active phase i.e. active phase during night, the liver increases more than 40 percent and during the day it returns to the initial shape. This process is affected by changes in biological clock.