Dark chocolate benefits for health and good for immune system

Dark chocolate benefits

It has been proved in many research that eating dark chocolate can reduce the weight by reducing weight to the heart. But do you know that dark chocolate can also be strengthened by the immune system?

Recently a discussion has come out in a research.

What does research-
According to the research, dark chocolate diet can be good for overall health. In fact, eating dark chocolate reduces the stress, which is not only good for the mood, but memory increases, but the immune system is also better.

The research found that dark chocolate contains cocoa flavonoid which is beneficial for health.

Why the research-
In research, it has been tried to know how Cocoa Flavonoid affects brain, heart, nervous system and how it can be good for health.

What is Cocoa Flavonoid-
Flavonoid is a natural nutrition that is usually found in fruits, vegetables, and cereals.

What is the Expert-
Lee S. Burke of America’s Loma Lynda University says that the research was done for years, in which the sugar levels present in dark chocolate showed how the nerves affect the system. Together it was also seen whether we were happy with the consumption of more sugar.

The research found that excessive use of cocoa has a positive effect on memory, mental condition, and immunity. In fact, the flavonoids element found in cocoa is quite resistant and anti-inflammatory, which is beneficial for the brain, heart and other organs.