According Primate Labs report. iPhone 6, 6s, 7 Slow after Update IOS 11.2

Slow after Update IOS 11.2

New Delhi (Tech Desk) The smartphone brand Apple has asserted the claims made by an app company, in which the company has been told to slow the performance of the old iPhone. Prim Labs has released a report, which is checking the speed of the iPhone’s processor, Promet Labs. According to this report, Apple’s iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 performance were getting smaller or slow due to the old model.

Apple Accepted Report Data

Apple reported the data given in the report as true, that the company takes such steps to reduce the demand for power. Its direct effect falls on the speed of the phone processor. Due to this the phone becomes slow. This happens when the processor demands more power than the phone’s battery.

Reason given by the company

According to a statement issued by Apple this problem is not limited to Apple’s products only. This problem comes with lithium ion batteries. If the battery is outdated, it is unable to supply 100% power. With this, if the battery is not fully charged or even cold, it can not supply the full power.

Apple further said in this regard:

“We had released a feature for iPhone 6, 6s and SE last year. This is because the demand for more power of the processor can be controlled. This way, the danger of the sudden closure of the phone is taken away. “This feature has been made part of the iPhone 7 with iOs 11.2. The company will come out with this feature in its own product in the future.

Let me tell you, in 2016 the most frequent complaints about the sudden closure of the iPhone were made. After this, Apple decided to release software fixes. For this reason, the performance of the phone becomes slightly slower.