BSNL company may be closed. Instructions are given by the government

BSNL Employees Union

Public sector telecom company BSNL is not profitable. In such a situation, the government has now asked to explore all the options including the closure of the company. In simple language, if everything goes wrong then the government can sell or stop the BSNL. According to a media report, after the chief officials of BSNL met telecom secretary Aruna Sundarajan, the government has given this direction after this.

According to the report, during the meeting with Aruna Sundarajan, Anupam Srivastava said that the current financial situation of the company, the impact of Jio’s entry, the possibility of voluntary retirement planning and the first retirement plan for the employees talked about. The government has said that BSNL has to make a note in which it will be told what will happen after the company closes. The government has also asked the company to explore some other options, including the company’s fixed disinvestment, etc. The company has asked to present a comparative analysis of all these options.

BSNL Employees Retirement age can also be changed

In relation to VRS, the company has said that it will target employees of 56-60 years of age, to which 67,000 workers will be covered. It was reported by the company that if 50 per cent of these employees (33,846) were given VRS, then it would save Rs 3,000 crore in salary items. The grace amount will be Rs 6,300 crores from Rs 6,900 crores in various items. Apart from this, BSNL also says that apart from competition, the biggest problem for the company is its large number of employees. In order to reduce the number of personnel during the meeting, the company has said that the age of the retirement age should be reduced from 60 years to 58 years. However, in addition to all this, the company has been given the option to close the company with monetization and disinvestment.