Click to WhatsApp messaging buttons in Facebook coming soon


If you are an advertiser on Facebook, then Facebook has launched a new feature from the partnership of its second platform Whatsapp.

Click to WhatsApp

Facebook launches new click to Whatsapp app on your platform.This will allow advertisers to connect to nearly one billion users of Whatsapp. According to the news of the news, Facebook has more than two billion users. The company told Tech Crunch on Friday that it is implementing this feature gradually, which will be launched in most countries in North and South America, Africa, Australia and Asia earlier.

“It is said that most people are already using Whatsapp for communication with small businesses. Product Marketing Manager, Facebook. It’s a quick and easy way to stay in touch. ‘ He said, adding ‘Click-to- Whatsapp App button on Facebook ads will make it easier for businesses to connect people with their product now.’ Facebook said that more than 10 million pages have added the Whatsapp numbers to their posts.

Earlier it was reported that Facebook is testing the ‘Greetings’ feature. With this, Facebook users will soon be able to send a number of ‘Greetings’ to interact with their Facebook friends in a unique way. In this new feature, there will be many options like winks and high-five besides pokes. According to the report of ‘The Nation’, these options are being tested in the UK, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Colombia and France and have been released on the anniversary of Pok.