What are the problems we are facing in MS office

problem facing Microsoft today

Microsoft has delivered many beneficial software for the use of the companies and common households. The versatile products are capable to meet the needs of a junior high student or that of a doctoral candidate writing a thesis. The most widely used software around the globe is Microsoft Office Word after Microsoft Windows. Based on real experience, the user interface is built in such a way that it delivers the utmost satisfaction to the users. But there are some flaws in the lovely platform that are quite irritating for a particular user.

Problems we face with Office Word

  • Sharp edges and corners in toolbar

Gone are those days when the old version of Word looked so well. The smooth edges and the colors made the screen more vibrant. It was fun while working with the old colored version. The latest version lost its edge and the toolbar has sharpened. The sharp edges and colorless bars make it very hard to find the required options. After working for a while, the eyes get strained very easily due to the brighter appearance due to loss of soothing colors. The ribbon colorless toolbar might appear sophisticated but is not at all attractive.

  • PDF editing

The current version can edit the PDF version very well, which lacked in the older ones. The problem appears when the creation of PDF is different than the one used to open it. The difference messes the version of the PDF. The fonts go crazy and do not match sometimes, charts and graphs break. The best way is to edit the basic PDF and leave the professional PDF creations to the graphics department. The unknown fonts will not be properly recognized by the Word.

  • Cursor lagging

This problem is quite irritating. It seems that your computer is very slow when the cursor lags and appears late after the typing is done fast. The synchronization is absolutely messed up. The animation can be disabled as it makes it very unpleasant to observe.

  • Auto correction

Unlike the older version, the auto correct option is missing in the latest version of the Office Word. Previously, a slightly misspelt word is corrected automatically by the Word itself, but now you will only get the suggestions to enjoy.


Microsoft Word is an important part of our daily life. This software has issues that can be solved by following proper advice from an expert.