Dangerous car accident on Delhi-Chandigarh highway 4 dead

Delhi-Chandigarh highway

At 4 o’clock this morning, a painful road accident happened near the Indusa Border on the Delhi-Chandigarh highway. A speeding car collided with dividers and pillars, in which four of them including the players suffered a painful death. There were 6 people, including the world’s champion Capable Yadav, in the car. In the incident, capable Yadav and Rohit Bali are seriously injured, whose treatment is underway. Rohit Bali was also the birthday of tomorrow. Enabled Yadav is undergoing treatment at Delhi’s Trauma Center.

Delhi Chandigarh highway

First of all these were taken to Narayala Satyarthi Raja Harishchandra Hospital. But seeing serious condition, he was later referred to Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh. But after this they were soon sent to the Trauma Center.

The sister of powerlifting athlete Tikamchand told in an interaction with the ANI that she had spoken to her home late last night and told her to come home early in the morning. After that, they got information about the accident in the morning. Since then family members have a bad case.