Radish health benefits and Control your blood pressure

Radish benefits
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The problems of digestion are also quite serious in today’s health problems. If you are also suffering from this problem, then add radish to your diet. Vaidya Harikrishna Pandey ‘Harish’ is providing information about the use of radish rich in medicinal properties.

Improve digestive power

If you are suffering from digestion problem, then add radish salad to your meal prominently. For this, add lemon and light salt to the salad and eat it regularly.

High blood pressure problem

If you are suffering from high blood pressure problem, then add radish in the diet. Such people eat radish salad every day in their diet. Chewing soft leaves of radish also give great relief.

Asthma problem

The decoction of dry radish is proven to be effective for such people. Boil it by adding dry radish to 250 grams of water. If it is about halfway, then filter it and drink cumin and black salt in it and drink slowly.

Relieve the pyre

If your teeth cause bleeding, then there is a possibility of a pyre. To get rid of this problem, rinse the juice of radish two or three times a day. Apart from this, chewing gum can chew and eat.

Cough relief

If you have been coughing for a long time and you are not getting the diagnosis, then add radish in lunch, you will get immediate benefits.
Urination or pain in urine

Radish juice will prove to be beneficial for you if you feel irritation in urine or pain during urination. Drink a cup of radish juice every morning for this.
If there are worms in the stomach …

For this, drink 50 grams of radish with salt and salt and a pinch of pepper powder and drink it twice a day.