Relationship advice If you want to get married early then hold hands strong

Relationship advice

Relationship advice

According to a recent study, the boys who have a strong hold on their hands are more likely to marry than the boys who are weak. There are also signs in it that women prefer men who signify strength and strength.

What does research-

Columbia University researchers in the United States said that hand-holding is an established scale of health and in the past, it is also related to the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the ability to predict mortality rate and independently overcome it.

What is the Expert-

Columbia Age Center professor Vegard Schirbeck says that our conclusions indicate that women prefer to the partner who signifies strength and strength when it comes to marriage.

Schirbeck, a researcher of the study published in the journal SSM – Population Health, said that if a woman with a long life marries a healthy man, then both of them can avoid the role of taking care of each other, while less healthy men are unmarried. Look at someone else’s side.