How to treat depression. Add grapes to the diet

get rid of depression, add grapes to the diet

If you want to avoid trouble like depression, then surely eat grapes. Eating grapes reduces psychosis. This has been highlighted in a recent research.

How to treat depression

Researchers say that incorporating grapes in the diet has a positive effect on mental health, while those who eat gum-free diet have to go to doctors for disorders like frustration and frustration.

The results of research published online ‘Nature Communications’ show that nutritional psychosis may be reduced to include grapes in the diet.

What is the researcher-

Professor Giulio Maria Pasinetti, researcher and professor Giulio Maria Pasinetti in New York’s Unit School of Medicine said that it is easy to treat the depression and anxiety people with Polyifenol compounds present in grapes.

The researcher explained that grapes made from grapes are helpful in getting out of the position of polyphenol depression and can be effective in treating this disease. It was used on the rat in research and the result was positive.

Obviously the nutrients our body gets from Diet is more effective for preventing diseases.