US, Canada and China, severe snowfall, frozen due to freezing Niagara Falls

freezing Niagara Falls

With cold and snowfall, the life of life in America, Canada and China has become busy. The snow has become a problem for people to live. The cars parked outside the house are covered with ice sheets. Canada’s World Famous Niagara Falls has solidified due to the cold of the Kadake. There are many places in Canada where the temperature minus has gone up to 30 degrees. Not only North America, but Europe has also covered the white sheet of ice.

Freezing Niagara Falls

The cold weather is that the Niagara Waterfowl, located on the US-Canada border flowing within a kilometer radius, has settled down due to the tampan. The effect of the snow storm in the United States is also being seen in the neighboring country of Canada, the ice has taken everything in its lap, and on the rooftops of the house it has frozen the thick layer of ice.

Not only in North America, snowfall in Europe has also been created. There is still continuation of snow falling in here. In some countries, while the lovers are enjoying the snowfall these days, it is difficult to live life with this snowfall.

The same is also the case of Spain from Sevogia, where ice made emergency conditions, the government has put 250 soldiers on the streets to help people. The soldiers are helping the people to evacuate the fired trains. The carts that have been settled right there. This time, Kudrat has done such a blow that the whole Europe including the United States have raised the groan.

India’s neighboring country is also facing severe cold in China. Snowfall has deteriorated the condition of Shanxi city of China, even in China’s capital Beijing, the mercury minus is around 5 degrees.