Volkswagen T-Cross launch in 2019. Production version Show in 2018

Volkswagen T-Cross launch

Volkswagen has announced that it will present the T-Cross SUV to the world this year. The company has released a video and has given its information. It is being speculated that the company may present its production version in the Geneva Motor Show-2012 held in March.

Volkswagen T-Cross launch

Volkswagen T-Cross launch

The T-Cross SUV will be built on the MQB A platform, on this platform new polo and vento are also made. The Volkswagen T-Cross has a glimpse of T-Cross Breeze Concepts. The T-Cross Breeze Context was introduced in the Geneva Motor Show-2016.

There are speculations that the Volkswagen T-Cross will be launched in Europe by the end of this year. The company has not provided any information about whether the T-Cross SUV will be dropped in India or not. Last year, Volkswagen had indicated that he would soon get a new car against Hyundai Crata, and it is being speculated that this car could be T-cross. T-Cross in India can be launched in 2019.