Win Win BJP Gujarat / Himachal Assembly Elections Result LIVE

Win win BJP

Gujarat / Himachal Assembly Election Result: Today is a very important day for the country’s politics. The impact of the political results of Gujarat and Himachal will have a direct effect on the country’s politics. For PM Modi, who left Gujarat’s Gujarat, to Gujarat, where Gujarat is directly related to the prestige, then for Congress President Rahul Gandhi, this is no less than any exam. In Gujarat, BJP is expected to hold its sixth consecutive term but at the same time, the Congress, which has been in opposition for almost two decades, is expected to come to power.

Counting of 37 centers is being considered among the strongest security in 33 districts of Gujarat. In Gujarat, the average polling was 68.41 percent in two phases. Talking about Himachal at the same time, counting of votes will start simultaneously at 42 polling stations in all 68 constituencies. Here, 2,820 employees have been deployed for counting.

Gujarat / Himachal Assembly Election Results


  • The battle for the thorn: 170 of the 182 seats in Gujarat came in the trend, ahead of BJP 87 and Congress 81 ahead of the other two seats.
  • Gujarat / Himachal Assembly Elections Result LIVE: Congress ahead of Gujarat, majority in Himachal Pradesh
  • Himachal’s 68 seats got trends of 59, the majority got the BJP in trends. BJP 36 is ahead on Congress 23 ahead.
  • In Himachal’s 68 seats, 47 came in the trend, BJP 30 ahead ahead of Congress 15 ahead. BJP needs 5 seats more for the majority.
  • In Gujarat, Congress needs only four seats now for the majority. In the trends of 169 seats out of 182, BJP 77 and Congress 88 ahead. #ABPResults
  • A big turnaround in Gujarat, the Congress has overtaken In the trends of 169 seats out of 182, BJP 81 and Congress 85 ahead.
  • Big news from Gujarat, BJP contested in the Congress, out of 182 seats, in the trend of 169 seats, BJP 83 and Congress 83 ahead.
  • In Himachal’s 68 constituencies, there was a trend of 35, BJP 21 is ahead ahead of Congress 12.
  • Again in Gujarat, there was reversal, 162 seats out of 182 seats in Gujarat, BJP 88 and Congress 70 seats ahead.
  • 29 out of 68 seats in Himachal came, BJP 17 is ahead ahead of Congress 10.
  • In the trends, BJP got majority, 154 seats out of 182 seats in Gujarat, trends in BJP 92 and Congress 58 ahead of the other four seats.
  • In Gujarat, 136 seats out of 182 seats came, BJP 83 and Congress 52 seats ahead. For the majority, BJP needs only 9 seats
  • In Saurashtra the Congress is giving a strong fight to the BJP. In the remaining three regions of Madhya Gujrat, North Gujarat and South Gujarat, BJP is moving forward.
  • Trends of 122 out of 182 seats in Gujarat, BJP 75 and Congress 74 seats ahead. For the majority, BJP has 17 seats and more. The influence of the Patel factor in Saurashtra seems to be here, the BJP is lagging behind here.
  • A big news from Gujarat, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel is following the Mehsana seat. At the same time, the leader of the Congress Arjun Arjun Modhwadia is also following.
  • In both the states of Gujarat and Himachal, BJP made an edge. In Gujarat, BJP went ahead, 98 seats out of 182, BJP came in 60 and Congress won 32 seats for the next majority in the 38 seats.
  • In Gujarat, BJP is ahead, BJP is ahead in more than 54 seats. For the majority, BJP needs 38 seats and more.
  • In the early trends, in the battle of Kanta in Gujarat, the Congress is leading in Saurashtra and the BJP is going ahead in South Gujarat. Trends of 74 seats out of 182, BJP 44 and Congress ahead of 30 seats
  • OBC leader Ameesh Thakore is following, while Chief Minister Vijay Rupani is leading the Rajkot West seat.
  • 8 out of 68 seats in Himachal came in, BJP is ahead in 4 ahead of Congress 2.
  • The battle of Cut in Gujarat, the trend of 42 seats out of 182, BJP 20 and Congress 22 seats ahead
  • In Saurashtra, the Congress is ahead, the Congress is ahead ahead. BJP ahead in south Gujarat
  • Trend of 28 seats out of 182, BJP 18 and Congress 10 seats ahead

BJP ahead in Saurashtra and South Gujarat in the initial trends. Trends of 19 seats out of 182 BJP on 15 seats and Congress 6 seats ahead. Mehsana, Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat, Nitin Patel is on the way. The first trend that came from Himachal Pradesh, BJP is moving forward in one seat. Trends of 11 seats out of 182, BJP eight and Congress 3 seats ahead

First trends from Gujarat, good news for BJP Congress on four seats and Congress on two seats

Votes have started in Gujarat and Himachal

OBC leader, Ameesh Thakore said: The wave of change in Gujarat, Congress will form government

CM congratulates the victory of Gujarat before the results – will celebrate the victory celebration across the country

People in big cities will expect BJP to form government People said Medi is our brand. Understand that the equation of Gujarat and Himachal
2019 will be impacted by Gujarat
The impact of the Gujarat election results may also be on the Lok Sabha elections in the year 2019. In 2014, Modi came to power only on the strength of Gujarat’s development model. Counting of votes will be done on 37 centers in the 33 districts of Gujarat between strict security. On an average, 68.41 percent of the turnout was recorded in Gujarat in two phases. Complete Mathematics of Himachal Pradesh Election
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