‘World Earth Day’: Celebrate today’s day!

World Earth Day

Today, the world is being considered as ‘World Earth Day’. The purpose of celebrating World Earth Day is to keep the environment safe and clean. Today we are telling you how you can celebrate ‘World Earth Day‘.

  • Find new plants in the area around your home.
  • Run cleaning campaigns at home, around the house and in the park.
  • Gather the garbage and put it in the dustbin.
  • Water the plants near the park and the roads along the roads.
  • Make nests for birds on trees.
  • Recycle the old things and do not burn bad things.
  • Do not spread or spread the dirt anywhere.
  • Explain the importance of cleanliness to children.
  • If you are traveling then use public vehicles and check the pollution of your vehicles. This will reduce air pollution.
  • Tell people about wearing a green, blue or brown color cloth on this theme.
  • Discussion in the group to keep the environment clean.
  • Diseases in the summer are more because the garbage spreads. In this way, you have to clean the nalla around the house.
  • Ensure that no gutter is blocked or stopped.
  • World Earth Day i.e clean the environment clean you