Most Effective Ways To Smell Nice All Day Long


Hi Readers

We all love to come across a person who really smell nice, it is like first impression. A person who smells good is 10 times attractive than those who don’t. Smelling nice means you are concerned about your body and hygiene, you love make time for your body and that is really impressive. Here are 6 most effective ways that will help you to smell nice all day long without consuming much time of yours.

1. The Pulse Points

People usually spray perfumes on wrists and sometimes on neck but there are many pulse points that retain the scent for long hours. You must spray your perfume on ankles, behind the knees and ears, on chest, stomach and back as well because the perfume rise from bottom to top and by applying perfume on pulse points will help you to keep smelling nice all day long without reapplying it.

2. Body Oil Instead of Body Lotion

Body lotion that we use contains some harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances so I would suggest you to avoid or replace it with a body oil. Body oils with good fragrance and natural essence will automatically initiate an inbuilt scent in your body and will help you to develop a natural body fragrance.

3. Use of Petroleum Gel or Vitamin E Extract

If you want your perfume to stay for a long time then try to apply some petroleum gel or extract of vitamin E capsule on the points where you wish to apply the perfume. The extract will dissipate the scent quickly and retain the smell for a very long time. Using perfumes with heavy base are really effective to smell nice all day.

4. You Attire Smells Good

Its not only your body but sometimes the attire or outfit you wear smells bad. So it is compulsory that what you wear should be smelling nice. For this, choose your detergent carefully, spray some perfume on the scalp of your clothes so that the clothes will inculcate and will not smell bad. Except these, the ambience you live in should have good fragrance. Use room spray or essential oil sprays to keep your ambience fresh and great

5. Take Care Your Personal Hygiene

Taking care of your personal hygiene is the first step to a nice-smelt body. You should change your innerwear regularly. Women, if you are menstruating, then try to change your innerwear and sanitary napkin twice or thrice a day. Do not repeat your clothes more than twice a week. Avoid food that contains oil, friend or excessive garlic and onion. If you sweat a lot keep a hand-towel or wet-wipes with you always. Wash your hair twice a week.

Choose Your Perfume Wisely

Just like the way you spent your time on choosing the best outfits for you, similarly you must stop, pause think and decide about what perfume you need. Spend some time. Do a research on you body smell and type and then pick a fragrance that fits perfectly with your perfume.