7 Must Have Things in Bridal Trousseau



Brides to be, You must be super-excited to get all those pretty shoes, heels, dresses, gowns, suits, duppatta and many other things that is included in a bridal trousseau. This time of shopping all these stuff is exciting yet tiring and due to excitement sometimes we forget to buy some very important things that we regret later on. The modern brides are smart and intelligent but the time before marriage we all get confused and baffled. Here I have a list of 10 most important yet tiny things that you must not forget to add in your trousseau.

The Comfy Footwear

All brides to be are fascinated towards those shimmery, stylish heels, boots and sandals. But do you imagine, what will you wear the very next day of your marriage when you are about to bathe or to go to the washroom. Will you look under the bed for your hubby’s slippers? Sounds cute but its not. You must include one or two pair of bathroom slippers in your bag and keep them in your bag where you get them easily without disturbing anyway.

Towels and Bathrobes

After slippers, come the most important things to use bathroom is towel. Buy a set of hand and face towels along with some big towels. With towels, you must get some good quality bathrobes that cover your body properly. While buying towels and bathrobes, keep the quality in mind. The towels must be made of good threads. The colours should be good.

Bath Essentials

You must have your bath essential in your bag. While shopping, buy a kit put a new toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and conditioner in your bag. Along with this, carry your body lotion so that you dont need to disturb anyone in the morning or to look for your favourite shampoo or soap. Sometimes your skin is sensitive and using already used soap may cause you skin damage.

Nightwear or Maxi

Marriage means romantic and intimate moments with your husband but you cannot be romantic all the time. There will be time when you have guests at home, when you have your periods or some other reasons when you need some light, comfortable and good nightwear. Buy two or three sets of nightwears or maxis whatever suits you the best.

Cotton Duppatta and Stoles

If you are getting married in a joint family or the middle class Indian families still believe in first rasoi, or you are going to cook on daily basis then you must include 3-4 cotton duppatta in your bag. These will help you while you cook in the kitchen where you cannot go wearing the heavy saris and suits. You can buy some light-weight cotton suits. You must buy some trendy scarf and stole that go hand in hand with all your western wear or tops.

Light-weight Jewellery

When you get married, you receive a lot of gold, silver or platinum jewellery but will you be wearing them at a dinner date, evening event or at some get together. Obviously no!!! To your convenience, you must buy some pairs of light weight, trendy and easy to carry jewellery. these days boho jewellery is in trend, you can buy Afghani jewellery which is light-weight, have traditional look and yet so light-weight.

Bags and Clutches 

You don’t need those glittery heavy handbags always. Once you get married, you get many occasions and invitations for dinners, lunch or evening parties. Here nobody carries those heavy bags therefore you need some trendy clutches and handbags. You must have a good collection of clutches and spacious handbags. Spacious handbags are must as you need to carry your basic make-up essentials in your bag and other important stuff.