8 Lifestyle Changes To Keep Blood Pressure In Control


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An old dictum says “Health is wealth” and I think we all agree to this. The older we get, the more prone we are to health issues and amongst all the health issues low and high blood pressure is the most common. The problem of increasing-decreasing blood pressure has gripping the youngsters. The few changes in your daily lifestyle can protect you from being vulnerable to this health problem.

Lose Weight

Fat and cholesterol plays the major role in the blood-pressure regulation. You must keep you weight in control and keep checking your waistline time to time. Especially after 40s of your age, you must be concerned about the increasing weight. In desk job, people suffer from obesity but take measure to control it and you will never be a blood-pressure patient.

Watch Your Diet

Your diet is the key to healthy life. You must keep a watch on your daily diet. Avoid oily, friend, street-food. Eat healthy. Include salads, juices, green teas in your routine diet. Green veggies, potassium-enriched food can balance the blood pressure.

Exercise Daily

Include walk, gymming or little exercise in everyday life. Activities like cycling, swimming, jogging or dancing will maintain a consistency to your blood pressure levels. Slip away 30 minutes from your day to exercise, make your body sweat or choose other light exercises from yoga.

Consume Low Sodium

The slight change in the sodium consumption can do wonders for the blood pressure victims. Choose food with low-sodium mentioned on the label. The average requirement of sodium varies according to the age. Generally a person need 1500 mg sodium is required by a person. Reduce the consumption of salt gradually as it will be difficult to cut down the salt from your meals.

Less Alcohol & No Smoking

Consumption of alcohol should be reduced as you get old. The more you consume alcohol the chances to get the problem of unstable blood pressure increases. Drink occasionally not regularly. Quit smoking because it makes you vulnerable and you might get caught by various diseases. Take help of medicines to get rid of smoking.

No Stress

As you grow old, you must control the stress level. Stop worrying and shouting at people and at your kids as well. Do not react to everything. Keep your life in a pace and manage everything step by step. Find reasons to be happy and join an activity that makes you smile. Spend time with your loved ones.

 Consult Your Doctor

You must consult your doctor often, Keep a device at home to check your blood pressure level regularly. The slight up-down in the level will warn you about the upcoming health issues.

Readers, life is precious and you must take it day by day to enjoy and live. Consider it a heavenly blessing and make the best of every moment you get.