Fun Activities To Make Summer Vacation Exciting


Summer vacation has started and children these days are so addicted to mobile phones that they just want to play games and click selfies. The scenario of summer vacation has changed over the past few years due to advanced gaming options and techniques. But parents should understand that summer vacation is the period when they can spend time with their kids, understand them better and to develop moral and ethical values and personality development skills in them. I have chosen some fun activities to try this summer that will help you to build a stronger relationship as a family.

1. Gardening


2. Plan a picnic

To build a strong relationship with your kids, you must put your phone away and figure out the ways to spend time with them, planning a picnic or outing can help you a lot. During preparations, you should ask your kids to pack their bags themselves and they should be taught to take care of their thing during the picnic. This will inculcate the sense of responsibility in them.

3. Help Unprivileged Children/People

In today’s era, kids or teenagers must be confronted with the life of hardships and ground realities. They should understand the value of money, time and modesty. You should take your children to some slum areas, orphanage or old-age home and ask them to talk to the people about their problems and lifestyle. This will make them realise the value of their lives. Even you should take the old toys, unsued things, books, and clothes for the needy this will help your kids to inherent the ability to share the things and help others.

4. Activity Classes

Summer vacation offer a chance to identify the hidden talent of your child. You should discuss with them about their interests and then choose a activity or hobby class like dance, painting, crafting, swimming, piano or music lesson. They will enjoy it a lot.

5. Craft with Kids

YouTube has abundant of craft or DIY ideas for kids. Just grab some craft supply and help your kids to make a photo album or the cards for their grandparents/parents/best friend or teacher. By helping them, you will also learn something new and your kids will develop a sense of gifting.

6. Learn Foreign Language

This is a great fun. Kids must learn a second or third language as this helps to develop brain and enhances the mental abilities to learn new things. Join a foreign language class with your kids or send them to learn a new language like French, German etc. You can even ask them to learn the regional languages of India.

7. Make A Short-Movie

Exciting isn’t it. If you child is a teenage or interested in technology then this idea will definitely going to help you a lot. Give them a theme of a short movie or video like how they spend their vacation, the life of a slum child or street vendor etc and provide them with equipments like video recorder and voice recorder. After finishing the project, organise a proper screening inviting their friends, family members and cherish their achievements.

Dear parents, technology is really important for all of us but the moments spent with your kids and the values you give them will help them to grow as a great personality. Never ignore your children for your mobiles or laptops. Listen to them. Celebrate their achievements and build a strong bonding.