Most Disgusting habit mobile phone use in bathroom

mobile phone use in bathroom

In today’s  time, especially young people can not live without mobile. In this case, they are going to take bath or keep toilet mobile with them. But do you know that by taking mobile to the bathroom you are calling the diseases. Know, what can you do if you move mobile to the bathroom

Instead of taking the place of the mobile, the mobile has taken it, but taking it to the mobile bathroom keeps you scared of falling in the mobile pot.

There is no doubt that the bathroom is a place where there are many germs and bacteria that can make us sick. In such a situation, there is fear of getting jerks in mobile.

The germs that you touch in the bathroom are attached to it. Of course you wash hands but do not wash the mobile.

In this case, if you avoid taking mobile in the bathroom, then you may have many types of infections.