Must Buy Things on Dhanteras This Year For Lifelong Prosperity


Hey readers,

We are just a day away from the most auspicious and significant day of the Diwali Fest week and that is Dhanteras. The day we worship Kuber for prosperity in our business, work and home. This day we all pray Lord Kuber to stay and shower the abundance in whatever we do and wherever we live. But here are some things that are considered immensely important to buy on this day to please Kuber and seek his blessings. So lets find out.

Silver and Gold Coins/Jewellery

It is considered very auspicious to buy gold or silver coins on Dhanteras. Goddess Luxmi or the trio of goddesses Luxmi, Sarswati and Durga are the best things to buy on this day. Worshipping these coins and then keeping them in your lockers and safes are marked as a sign of blessing from the Lord of Wealth Kuber. These coins can be kept in you wallets and the place you keep your money and other precious things. Buying silver and gold jewellery is also very auspicious on this day.


Swastik has its own significance for all Hindu families. It is a common art piece that can be seen at every Hindu’s home. It is a spiritual symbol carrying with itself peace and positivity. It conduces well being and auspiciousness. Hanging swastik on your doors will bring good luck and prosperity.


Some people cannot afford to buy silver and gold coins on this day but buying steel utensils will bring you the same prosperity. Buying new utensils and using them after worshipping on Dhanteras will bring affluence to your home and business. The sole aim of this day is to bring new thing home whether large or small but must buy something on this day.

Gomti Chakra

These white coloured stones are considered to be the symbol of goddess Luxmi. It has its own significance in Hindu religion. It cures many problems. These bring health and prosperity to your home. Buy 11 Gomti Chakra and wrap them into a yellow cloth. Keep this in your lockers and these will bring your abundance and opulence.

Profession Related Things

Working people must buy something which is related to their work. If you are a writer, then buy a pen or notebook, if you are a chef you can buy new cooking essentials, engineers can buy new tools etc. These things will work as good luck charm for you.