Learn about South Indian Dishes on Pongal

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Pongal is the festival of Tamil Hindus, which is celebrated every year on 14-15 January. Tamil Hindus celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. The festival of Kelal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu and India is celebrated in Sri Lanka, Pongal, Tai Pongal 2019, Ujhavar Tirunal. The Pongal festival is considered a symbol of the nature of harvesting of the harvest. The first day of this festival which is going on for 4 days is called ‘Bhogi Pongal’, on the second day, ‘Sun Pongal’, ‘Mattoo Pongal’ on the third day and the fourth day is called ‘Kannam Pongal’. Let’s know about specially made dishes on Pongal.

Different traditions and customs are practiced every day of Pongal. The festival of Pongal is celebrated with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm in Tamil Nadu. Rangoli is made out of houses, houses are built on this day. Pongal festival celebrates Malayali and Tamil society people. People of Tamil Nadu worship Lord Nataraj on the occasion of Pongal. Special dishes, dishes etc. are made on this day.

Sweet pongal material
250 grams of rice, 100 grams of pulse pulses, 8-10 cashews, 8-10 raisins, a little cinnamon, 3-4 cloves, jaggery flavor and 2 teaspoons ghee.
Before making sweet pongal, wash the rice and soak it for some time. Now wash the moong dal too. Now heat the ghee in a cooker and stir it for a while by adding pulses. Now add rice in it. Add little water to the requirement and cook both. Take a jar in a pan and add half a glass of water and boil it. Now pour the jaggery water into rice-pulse. Add the cashew-raisins, cloves and cardamoms on top after mixing well and mix well and cook for some more time. Now introduce warm-sweet pongal guests to the guests.

Wonderful salon pongal

One bowl of basmati rice half bowl with moong dal peel, a small spoon cumin powder, pav bowl coconut powder, asafetida, mustard and turmeric for tempering, 1 small piece of ginger, 8 to 10 cashews, black pepper powder half teaspoon , A little sesame seeds, salt and pepper to taste.

First, soak lentils and rice in separate water for some time. Ginger the ginger. Keep cashew cream aside. Now heat the ghee in the cooker and add mustard seeds, turmeric, sesame seeds and ginger. Then add moong dal, cook it for some time, add rice and water to it. After that add coconut bura, salt and cashew nuts and close the cooker (you can use even a little bit of red chilli). Take one or two whistles after flame. When cooled, serve black pepper, cumin powder, green coriander and serve hot and salty hot pongal.

Wayne Pongal

These recipes made from South Indian spices and flavors are very tasty. You can also add dry fruits to make it more tasty.

Sugarcan Pongal
This recipe is prepared by the sun and it is thanked to God for the new crop every year.

Madua vada

This recipe is made from combinations of many pulses. Veal is served with Vada sambhar and chutney. You must also try this Pongal Madava TRAI.

Tamarind rice

Tamarind rice is a very popular dish on Pongal. This is a main dish recipe. Whose color is dark. The main thing in this dish is pure purple. If you eat it with a plane curd then it will look very tasty.

Idli sambhar

Idli is a major dish from Sambhaar South Indian dishes. Which is made by mixing pulse rice. This is a healthy food. You can take it as a snack. The sambhar which is made of it is made by mixing many vegetables. Because of this, it is very good for health.